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    Bruce owns a small digital agency. Find out how myesti helped him close more deals with his clients.

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    Edwin is an architecture major. Find out how myesti helped him with his project offer.

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    • Problem

      Long offer preparation ?

      You spend countless hours preparing your proposal. For example, you keep redoing your proposal cost estimation over and over again.

      You don’t even have spare time to make a copy of your Word or Excel template for further reuse.


      Predefined document drafts

      In myesti we give you tools to save your proposals as drafts quickly and organize them in a way which helps you to reuse them in future.

      You can also predefine your rates or client info and reuse them in an easy way when creating new proposals.

    • Problem

      Unattractive, ugly documents ?

      You want to prepare a decent proposal for your potential client but don’t know where to start. Your Excel or Word document looks ugly and as if it came from the past century.

      You are a pixel perfect freak who pays attention to details and you want your offer to stand out in the crowd.


      Beautifully designed templates

      We have carefully designed a set of beautiful templates for you to use! You will have a guarantee that your proposal will stand out in the crowd.

      You can switch between templates without ever losing your data. Test freely whatever template you like and pick your favorites!

    • Problem

      Docs in a mess during bidding process ?

      The process of getting new projects is taking more and more time and you are building a stack of Word and Excel files which is becoming harder and harder to manage.

      You changed something in your proposal two weeks ago and want to roll it back, but can’t.


      Keep track of changes in proposals

      Changes in your documents are saved in the history. Whenever you want to go back in time, you can do it.

      We keep track of all the changes you made to the proposal during the business process.

    • Problem

      Client is not responding?

      You have sent your proposal document to the client, the days go by and they are not responding.

      You have no idea whether the client has opened your proposal and what they think about it.


      Monitor your client activities

      With myesti you can receive notification whenever a client opens your proposal. The client can modify your proposal and suggest changes to it and you will be notified of that immediately as well.

      Later in history you can get back to your activity feed and view how well the process went.

    • Time
    • Attractivness
    • Organized
    • Activities
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      Fast and easy way to create your proposal

      Myesti gives you the tool to create your first proposal easily. You can create a document from scratch using our predefined templates, fill it out with your content and you are ready to go.

      Whenever you want to create a proposal, a text document or a graphic portfolio, we’ve got you covered.

      Our advanced editor will help you edit your documents, save every change you make, so you can get back to it later if necessary, upload and crop your images and much, much more!

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      Monitor your clients’ actions during the process

      Activity feed is a feature which allows you to see who and when views your proposal. You will be notified in real time if a client opens your document.

      There are several types of activities in myesti, for example viewing your offer, accepting or declining it and suggesting changes to it by the client.

      You can browse through these activities, filter them by client or activity type, so you can get a better view on what is happening with your proposals.

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      Predefine document drafts to save time

      You can save and organize your proposals as drafts to reuse them in future.

      Assign drafts to specific categories so you can easily find documents that really interest you. Based on the draft you can create a new proposal in seconds and edit just the part of it that needs to be changed.

      Making drafts saves time and keeps you more organized in future.

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      Organize your rates and clients in an efficient way

      Define your work rates in one place and use them in your proposals. You can define a fixed price rate or, for example, an hourly rate. You can also define different currency if needed.

      You have clients for whom you often prepare proposals? Define basic info about them and use it during the creation of future proposals.

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    • Create & Edit
    • Activity Feed
    • Drafts
    • Clients & Rates